School Management System
Complete School Management System
TopSchool is our product especially designed for schools. Considering the expansive operations of a school, TopSchool covers administrative, classroom and all the allied activities.

TopSchool is Complete School Management System which include  Web Portal , Android App and IOS App

TopSchool Mobile App
Android and iOS App
App for Parents
App for Teachers
App for Admin
School Bus
Vehicle Tracking System
This Features Enables safety and security of our dear ones away from home. Provides real time location data to school management and parents
School Bus
Live Tracking

Parent can login using their username and password


Parent can see the current location of their ward bus


show summery of all buses for school management

This is a wireless RFID Based Automatic School Attendance System. Children are given RFID Based I-Cards. As they show this card on the RFID Reader during Entry/Exit to the school, their parents whether they are at home or at office, they come to know that their child has entered or Exit the school through an instant Real-Time Automatic SMS “Mummy/Daddy, I’m in school now!”and Automatic School Attendance is


Payment Process
School create fees package for all classes and send SMS to parents.
Parents click on link and select the categories/installments they want to pay and make the payment.
Once payment is successful parents get receipt on email. School can see payments in the fees report.


TopSchool is our product especially designed for schools. Considering the expansive operations of a school, TopSchool covers administrative, classroom and all the allied activities. TopSchool is Complete School Management System which include  Web Portal , Android App and IOS App



The features include:

Notification Centre
Be it home-work assignments or parent-teacher meet invites or exam timetables, this feature allows mass notification. So one single post conveys a message to every parent. The service encompasses a variety of platforms – parents can receive updates through SMS, E-mail or through the Android App.
Admission Management
Admission process is usually characterised by long queues and mishandling of data. This feature enables you to enter data online, in defined categories. Relevant documents can also be scanned and uploaded. The greatest advantage school management gets is that a complete student database simultaneously created.
Manage Attendance
Attendance records are the most tedious ones to maintain. Moreover, any discrepancy can lead to incorrect data processing. Attendance Management gives you the comfort of taking attendance through a few clicks. Attendance of each day can be saved and reports can be furnished easily. The feature also alerts parents if their pupil is absent on a certain day.
Though most schools administrations are computerised now, database management still remains a challenge. The Reports feature synchronises all the data of a school – so a student’s attendance, his/her fee records and academic performance are streamlined. In addition, administrative records like general register and school expenditure can be maintained. Neat and focussed reports are generated in Word as well as PDF format and can also be shared.
Human Resource Management
As schools grow in expanse, their staff number also grows. Specialised teachers, lab assistants, non-teaching staff...there is a person for every job. It gradually becomes difficult to maintain a tidy record. HRM is especially designed to assist the HR department. Staff records like attendance, salary, leaves and promotions are easily documented. You create a trustworthy database and processing system.
Timetable Management
From I A to X F, there are numerous classes in a school. And every day, there are several periods shuffled between a number of teachers. There are obvious lapses and changes in the schedule. This feature alerts parents in advance so that the students can carry the right books and notebooks. It also finds a free teacher for a free period, so that the vacuum can be timely filled.
Fees Management
Like admission, fees payment and collection is a physically tiring process. Fees Management feature cuts the queues and allows payments online – through internet banking, credit and debit cards. Pre-set alerts will notify parents about due dates through SMS. School administration will also get detailed reports about pending dues, total collection and other relevant details.
Transport Management
This infrastructure management feature is aimed at systemising the transport facility of a school. It gives both, timetable updates to parents as well as alerts in case of breakdowns or other discrepancies. The feature gives complete peace of mind to parents and keeps the school management records accountable.
Highly customisable, this feature takes the complete responsibility of processing results for a school. All teachers have to do is enter the marks of a student for the respective subject. This feature will calculate the total, process the percentage and print the report card on the web portal. The results will also be conveyed to parents through SMS.
Doc Management
All those heavy files in your office are reduced to a few MBs by our Doc Management feature. The LCs and Bonafide Certificates can be generated and easily printed with this feature. The templates ensure that you don’t have to repeatedly go through the process of drafting. The automated system means that every record in vigorously maintained.
Android and IOS App
TopSchool App : Where School and Parents work together for better future of students. The app provides extensive features such as to view notifications sent by the school to the parents, view fee details,view photos of all special events shared by the school, school calendar, set reminder for special events/activities, view and keep track of your kids attendance and provide feedback to the school.
Parent Login
A view of your child's progress is now just a click away. Topschool provides dedicated login session for the parents where parents have access to their kid's attendance, marks, class tests, notifications from school,list of holidays, gallery of photos of special events help at the school and school timetable. Parents can also provide feedback or issue a query/request to the school.

Mrs. Sasmita Mohanty
Sanjay Ghodawat International School.

TopSchool  ERP Software has been a user friendly, easily modifiable covering all areas of the needs of an educational institution and very effective for parent teacher communication. The system is easy to access, reduces the manual efforts and keeps well connected to the parents. Team Amsoft Innovations  is dedicated and very prompt supportive for any queries.

Mrs. Urmila Shinde
Bharati Vidyapeeth's Secondary & Senior Secondary

Amsoft Innovations  has multidimensional tasking ability. Amsoft Innovations  handle difficult requirements with easy operations. Customised software with proper team support to maintain speed and accuracy in operations. Prisms takes care of all requirements of school stakeholders. Special controls offered to principal as well as Special reports can be designed by Administrative heads to satisfy managements desire. At a glance, it is complete school administrative software with personal touch.

Sharayu Kulkarni mam
IMS College, Ahemednagar

“Our Previous College Management Software was a mess with things not working and our

provider not responding. AMSOFT Innovations team listened to what we wanted and needed and they

truly came through for us. They knew what our requirements and they were up front with exact solution we needed. If you want a trusted College Management Software Provider,You Need Amsoft .”

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